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Gondolashelvingstore.com is owned solely by Handling Equipment Corporation of Shreveport, LA. to provide an online presence for our line of Madix gondola and store fixtures.

Handling Equipment Corp. was started in 1976 when George Shipley bought Shelving Systems, Inc. of Shreveport, LA., changing the name to Handling Equipment. The company was at its original location on Jack Wells Blvd. in Shreveport until 1985 when we bought our current warehouse at 225 Aero Dr., Shreveport, LA. We started out selling rack, shelving, two wheelers, etc., anything for use in a warehouse that wasn’t self powered. Pallet rack and shelving was our bread and butter. Store fixtures was kind of a side issue for a long time. Over the years the business has turned 180 degrees with store fixtures and gondola now making up 80+% of our business.

We stock half a million dollars of Madix store fixtures. We fully stock 3 colors. Sahara Tan, Satin Black, and Dove Grey. We also stock some Snow White. Anything we don’t have, we can get from the two Madix plants in Terrell, TX and Goodwater, AL.

We are a family owned company, and with George’s passing in August 2017 we are now run by George’s step-son, David Killeen. I, David, have been in the business since 1992 and am more than ready to help you with the shelving needs of your store. Handling Equipment has sold all over America and Canada, so take a look around, and then give me a call. I’m ready to help.

David Killeen
Handling Equipment Corp.

Gondola Shelving Store

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