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There are several benefits to using end cap shelving in your store. End caps enable products to be display at the end of your rows.

Maximize Shelving Real Estate

In most retail stores space is limited and a valuable commodity. It can be difficult to find enough shelf space to place all of your products. Thankfully, end caps work to maximize the amount of shelving space in a store by offering a valuable addition to each row.

Offer Sales and Promotions

End caps are also useful for displaying special sales and promotions. Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to purchase items from an end cap than the row.

Move Products Faster

Another benefit to using a end cap is that it allows you to move products faster. For example, when a food product draws near its expiration date, you can use an end cap to help move it; therefore, you will waste less product and have a lower "shrink" rate.


A standard end cap is configured with a single sided section in a double sided configuration. The single sided section is placed against the end of an existing row. This configuration will provide additional strength and stability to your rows.

End caps come with everything needed for installation other than upper shelves.


Available Widths: 36" & 48"

Base Deck Shelf Sizes Available: 12", 14, 16, 18", 20, 22", 24" & 30"

End Caps

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