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After completion of the gondola shelving layout with rows, wall units and end caps, the base units will need shelves installed to display product.  Shelves come in a variety of sizes, widths, depth and have different strengths.  Considerations for adding shelves include the height and weight of the products to be displayed. For example, shelves for 2-Liter bottles will bear more weight than shelves for paper plates and napkins.

We are experts at designing stores and meeting your shelving needs. Please call us at 800-551-8359 to talk about your store layout.

Gondola shelving also supports numerous accessories like: baskets, peg board attachments, candy racks, mirrors, chip & dip attachments, wine racks, and more.

We offer the complete assortment of shelves and accessories from Madix.


Standard Base Shelving

Standard Upper Shelving

Wire Truss Shelving

available if needed

Extended Shelving

available if needed

Gondola Shelving Store

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